Quintana Roo IRONMAN Triathlon Bike Rentals

Looking to avoid the hassle of traveling with your bike? Want to upgrade your ride for race-day? You're in the right place! RentQR is a service of the friendly folks at Quintana Roo bikes in Chattanooga, Tennessee. They'll ensure you've got the right bike, the perfect fit, and have the bike set-up to your specifications on race-day.

Select your event to get started. Have any questions or need help finding the right size? Email us at rentqr@americanbicyclegroup.com or view frequently asked questionssizing, or see our customer reviews.

COVID-19 Update

Due to the current climate pertaining to COVID-19, certain changes may been made to our rental and event schedules. As races that we are scheduled to attend are postponed and cancelled, we will do our best to re-book and attend these events. For those that have rental reservations that have been affected by a change in venue or date, we have a few options. First the rental can be deferred to the new race date. If attendance of the new race date is not possible, then we can honor your rental at another race later in the year or the following year pending availability. If none of these options work for you we can offer a full refund.