RentQR is a service of the friendly folks at Quintana Roo bikes in Chattanooga, Tennessee. They'll ensure you've got the right bike, the perfect fit, and have the bike set-up to your specifications on race-day.  Click Here to see if rental bikes are available for your event!


Download Rental Agreement & Release [PDF]

  1. What races and bikes are available for rental during the 2023 IRONMAN and USAT Triathlon season?
    A. We are not currently offering rentals for the 2023 season.
  2. Why would I want to rent a bike instead of bringing my own?
    A. We can think of several good reasons:
  • HASSLE: You don’t want to go through the hassle of disassembling, boxing, reassembling, shipping or flying with the bike, then disassembling, boxing, reassembling, boxing and shipping or flying again.
  • SHIPPING COST: Flying with a bike can cost $400-600 round trip.  Shipping it even two-day can cost $400-600 round trip. 
  • CAR RENTAL COST: If you fly with a bike box, you usually need to rent an SUV or Minivan so you can fit your bike box in the car. 
  • TIME AWAY FROM BIKE: You don’t want to drop your bike off several weeks before the race to work around a transport company’s time frames.
  • UPGRADE: You have a decent bike, but this is a great chance to test out a high-end bike that will improve your race performance over your current bike.
  • INTANGIBLES: Your bike doesn’t make the flight, it gets lost in shipping, TSA doesn’t unpack and repack your bike with the same TLC that you did.
  • Which bikes are available for rent?
    We have a variety of bikes available at each event.  However, we do have a limited supply of bikes available.  Once you choose the event where you need to reserve a bike, the model and size selections will be displayed.  We are available to help you with specific questions about the level of bike you need.
  • Your prices seem high, is there a better price or a discount available?
    A. There are two answers to your question.  The first is the cost and the second logistics.  The base prices range from $399 to $499, depending on which bike you choose.  We are moving bikes around the country to each event, setting them up, and maintaining them in between events.  It’s very reasonable when you consider the logistics.  We know that there are other transportation options available:
  • You can choose to pack up your bike in a box and ship it to the event. 
  • You can use a plastic bike case, box the bike, check it with your airline (while paying the $300-500 airline shipping fee) and hope that TSA uses the same love and care that you used to pack your bike to open, inspect and repack your bike.
  • You can also use one of the bike transportation companies that will take a bike from your local (or not-so-local) bike shops 2 weeks before the event and pick it up more than a week after the event.

Each of those options requires disassembly and reassembly of bikes at both locations, trust in TSA to not damage your bike during their inspection process and possibly worst of all, not having a bike in the 2-week lead up to your A-race.  In short, we think that the prices are very fair and very competitive in the marketplace.

  1. How do I know what size fits?
    A. We have trained bike fit experts who work for Quintana Roo and have been working in the triathlon business for over 12 years. Check out our QR Size Guide as a general guideline to give you a better idea of your size range – if you don’t know.  Of course, there are exceptions, but our fit questionnaire helps give us the answers we need to ensure that you have the proper bike size.
  2. Who will fit me to the bike? How can I be sure that the bike will work for me?
    A. We will send you a questionnaire to the email address you provided on your online order within 5 business days.  We will then reach out to you by phone or email to complete your reservation.  This is where we will confirm the size bike that you need.  At the event, we will have a qualified bike fitter and a certified bike mechanic to make sure that when you leave the QR booth, you are ready to race.
  3. Where will I pick up the bike I have reserved for the race?
    A. At USAT events we will have a large booth with Quintana Roo graphics in the main exhibitors section of the event. For all other events we will have a Quintana Roo rental location set up near the main exhibitors section, exact location will be provided when you place your rental order.
  4. When can I pick up my bike before the race?
    A. Your bike will be available as soon as the expo opens.  The questionnaire you fill out will have a reservation time so that we can be ready for you.  We recommend picking your bike up as early as possible so that you have several days to ride and familiarize yourself with the bike.  Bike pick up must be completed no later than an hour before bike check in. 
  5. How do I return the bike after the race?
    A. When you pick up your rental bike, return options will be specified before you leave the booth with your bike. Please note, when you return the bike yourself after the race, you will need to wipe down the bike frame and components. 
  6. What accessories does the bike come with?
    A. The bike comes equipped with items listed in the rental description. We add two water bottle cages, and a flat kit. Plus, you never know what we’ll throw in when you pick the bike up.  We’re QR, after all.
  7. What if I really, really like my current saddle? Can I bring that one along?  Do you have different saddle choices?
    A. You can bring your own saddle if you’d like.  We use ISM saddles on our bikes.  This is something you can point out on the reservation form and make sure the qualified QR bike fitter has a saddle swap planned at the time of your rental bike pick up.
  8. Will I have different options for gearing the bike?  Can I change the cassette?
    A. We will not change out componentry, chains, or cassettes for each event.  The bikes will come properly geared for each event.  You can bring your own race wheels if you’d like.
  9. Will a hydration system be provided on the bike?
    A. Each bike will come equipped with two bottle cages – one on the down tube and one on the seat tube.  The cages will hold standard water bottles.  Please note that size small and extra small bikes will not hold 24-ounce bottles.
  10. Can I bring my own hydration system to be mounted on the bike?
    A. Yes, as long as it can easily be attached.  The current hydration systems by brands like  XLAB, Profile Design and Speedfil are easy to add to Quintana Roo bikes.
  11. Does the bike come with a bike computer or mounting system?
    A. No, we do not include a computer on the bike.  Most athletes are using the more sophisticated GPS-enabled systems in the marketplace.  We can assist you with basic mounting of yours if necessary.
  12. Will I have a choice of color on the bike?
    Unfortunately we can only offer the bikes that we’ve made available. Bike colors are shown when the size and component spec is changed in the bike selector dropdown menu.
  13. What if something happens to the bike?
    A. You are ultimately responsible for the bike from the time you pick it up until the time you return it.  If there is damage to the bike, you are responsible.   If the bike is lost, stolen or damaged, you are responsible for the repair or replacement of the bike, wheels or parts that are missing or damaged.
  14. Does this rental come with insurance?
    A. For an additional $39.99 USD, we can provide insurance against any damage to the bike or its parts. The insurance will come with a $250 USD deductible, so all losses attributed to damage above $250 USD are covered by the insurance.  If the bike is lost or stolen, you are responsible for the full retail price of the bike.
  15. Can I add my own race wheels to the bike?
    A. Yes, you can add your own race wheels to the bike at any time before bike check in.  Please be aware that we are not responsible for the compatibility of your components.
  16. Will you have race wheels available for the bike I reserve?
    A. All rentals come with Reynolds Strike (62mm deep) carbon clincher wheels.
  17. Will you have pedals?
    A. The bike will not come with pedals.  You will need to bring your own.
  18. Will there be bottle cages on the bike?
    A. Yes, we will supply a down tube and a seat tube bottle cage on each bike
  19. What if I decide not to race?  What is your cancellation policy?
    A. If you decide to cancel the bike more than 8 weeks before the date of the event (90 days for Kona), you will receive a full refund. If the cancellation is less than 4 weeks before the event, we will not be able to give a refund but we will defer your rental to an event on our schedule later in the season or the next year.
  20. Can I bring some of my own components to be put on the bike?
    No, we will not have time to swap out specific components.  We can assist with a swap out to different race wheels, but no other specific components.  Please be aware that we cannot be responsible for the compatibility of components with your personal wheels.
  21. Will there be someone available to help me install my pedals when I pick up my bike?
    Yes, we will have a certified bike mechanic available onsite at all events.
  22. Should I bring my own bike tools in case something goes wrong during the race?
    A. You will not need to bring any mechanic tools.  We will provide a flat kit. The flat kit includes a 80mm valve length spare tube, 1 threaded C02 cartridge, C02 inflator and tire levers. If a multi-tool is desired, you will need to supply your own.
  23. What is the full process of the bike rental?
    A. It will work like this:
  • You will fill out our reservation form (emailed to you within 5 business days).  It will get pretty specific in some areas so that we can make sure you have reserved the proper size bike for your race. A photo guide will be included to assist in getting the proper measurements to confirm your bike size selection.
  • You will receive a follow-up email or phone call (if requested) from someone at QR to review all of your measurements and requests. If no measurements are provided within a timely manner, we cannot be responsible for any incorrect sizing chosen by the customer. 
  •  On race week, you will pick up your bike from the QR booth at the event.
  • We will help set up your fit to the bike and make any necessary adjustments.
  • After your race, you will return the bike in the same condition it was picked up. We will help remove pedals and other personal items from your rental. Please be sure we've removed everything, as we are not responsible for replacing forgotten items.
  1. How far in advance do I need to reserve a bike?
    We are taking reservations now.  If you have made the decision to rent a bike for your race, reserving now guarantees you a bike.  We can’t make any guarantees other than what is shown as available right now.
  2. Will someone be able to give me information where to ride if I am coming from out of town?
    A. Unless the race is in Chattanooga, we’re not experts of each locale.  We do know a lot of people who can guide you in the right direction.  Visit us at the expo booth for more information.
  3. Is there a specific length of time the bike can be rented out?
    A. Yes, the bike must be returned by the specified time set by the rental staff at the event. Normally a rental bike must be returned on race evening, or in some cases, first thing the following morning.
  4. What if I just need to get a good workout in?  Can I rent a bike for one day?  Can I rent a bike to get around the course on race day?
    A. Based on availability, we do offer one-day rentals for $150 a day or $250 for two days.  One-day rentals can be picked up when the expo opens and must be returned when the expo closes.  Two-day rentals can be picked up when the expo opens and returned before the expo closes the next day.

    Q. I’m arriving the day before the expo starts, can I pick up the bike early?
    A. In some instances, it may be possible to accommodate this request for an extra $25.  Please make this request on the bike reservation form. 
  5. I need help.  I can’t decide which bike to reserve.  How can you help?
    A. Please email us at: RentQR@AmericanBicycleGroup.com
    A QR expert will call or email you to help guide you to the bike that makes the most sense for your race-day needs.
  6. Can I use my own wheels?
    A. Yes.