Save Watts. Go Faster.

Save Watts. Go Faster.

July 05, 2017


What is Intensity Factor (IF)?

IF is the ratio of the Normalized Power to the rider's functional threshold power. This consideration gives the user a relative intensity in relation to their threshold power.

Our formula is more complicated, showing the value of the bike.  

What is the importance of a low Intensity Factor?

To achieve a low intensity factor with an amazing bike split, technology and training must be in complete synchronization.

Let’s start by breaking down the equation and defining each of the terms.

Cd – Drag Coefficient

Drag Coefficient is the measurement of quantifying one’s efficiency through the wind. Aerodynamics changes from the lab (wind tunnel) to the real world. Quintana Roo understands the athlete’s challenges on the open road and we design conveniences to make you most efficient and faster on race day. Our boat-tail aero technology is the most stable and most aerodynamic while still maintaining effectiveness over a wider range of yaw angles than traditional airfoil shapes. The boat-tail shape reduces swirling air pockets off the back of each aero tube thus reducing drag and stabilizing the bike. The PR series static downtube orientation is specifically calculated for the downtube drop ratio or each size of the PRsix to make sure that every frame falls within the tightest standard. In other words, every size of the PRsix is as aero as we could possibly make it. It is no secret that the PRfive and PRsix have a dramatically increased size and aero profile of the non-drive chainstay. This is to minimize frame flex and maximize power output while making the bike more aero and stable. This feature gives the athlete the benefit of a sail effect in cross winds.

QR has recently added a few more features to the PR, which has increased its aerodynamics. The QBox provides an efficient means to reducing drag and making you faster. Our integrated top tube storage provides a simple solution for keeping your nutrients at hand, yet reducing drag and making you faster. Shaping that excels not only in the wind tunnel, but most importantly delivers on race day. We understand conditions are rarely predictable and how easily the athlete can be taken away from their game plan. The aero design of the PR series is to be more stable and less affected by the wind and to get you to T2 faster which lowers you IF and allows you to have a lower HR for the run.

M – Mass

Mass, weight, and unneeded cargo. For years our competition argued that weight does not matter. However, no one can deny that less is better. Lighter = Faster.  The PR series models are the most lightweight frames in their category.

W – Wattage

Wattage, power, you only have so much to offer on any given day. Therefore, the system of body and bike can only achieve optimum performance if all of the conditions are addressed. Quintana Roo understands that the race is not over once off the bike. Achieving the lowest possible IF (Intensity Factor) with the fastest possible bike split is the goal: Using your wattage wisely in preparation for the run of your life.

A low (IF) is not achievable without the correct fit.

What makes all of this possible for the widest range of athletes is the PR’s amazing fit capability. Our PR bikes do not discriminate if you are not a professional athlete. It does not mind if you have unique needs. The PR’s broad fit window allows you to find your fit on multiple frame sizes so you can set the bike up precisely to your needs.

Without an optimized position, your lowest IF will be difficult to achieve. The PRsix is the most versatile bike on the market with regards to fit optimization. We are very proud of the fit capabilities and we are happy to see the most accomplished coaches and athletes’ discovering new possibilities with all the PRsix has to offer.

What is the importance of a low (IF)?

Having a lower heart rate, using lower wattage, having a lighter bike with the best aerodynamics and aero efficiency will yield a low Intensity Factor. This low IF will produce an excellent bike split and give you all the tools to be fresh on the run.

It’s simple science. Science always wins.

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